Our berry farm was quite a different place when we started out in 1999. Britney Spears topped the charts, we didn’t have the internet in Tauwhare and Facebook was still 7 years away.

Since then, we’ve been continuously investing and improving our farm to grow the very best tasting berries in a sustainable way.


For us, we felt it’s the right time to look back at our history and think about how far we’ve come. We also thought about how our customers see us and how we can better position our berry farm for the future. 


Enjoy the freshest berries and other local products at our farm gate shop and café. We also have a playground for the kids, serve a range of hot and cold drinks and have a selection of homemade sweet and savoury treats.

Our shop and café are open daily from
Mon - Thur: 9 pm – 5 pm
Fri - Sat: 9 am - 5:30 pm
Sun and Public Holiday:
9 am - 5 pm

For more details, please check our facebook

We offer a unique ‘Pick Your Own’ experience where visitors can spend time on our farm selecting their own strawberries, raspberries and blackberries to take home. PYO is subject to seasons so call ahead if you are unsure of when the berries are available.


A highlight for visitors is our fresh fruit ice cream made at our farm using home-grown strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. 

We are an immensely proud New Zealand business with strong ties to our local region.

We care about the environment, our community, our customers and our team at Tauwhare Berry Farm. 

Our berry farm is modern and efficient, growing world-renowned varieties in a sustainable way. 

We are innovative and know our future is linked to our ability to grow the very best berries. 

Tauwhare Berry Farm

487 Tauwhare Rd, Hamilton

Tel: 07 8295489

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